Spruce Coffee

Spruce Coffee (concept) is a Utah-based coffee shop that offers an array of food and beverage options. Spruce is looking for a way to offer users a mobile ordering option that aligns with their growing business model.

Mobile Application
UX/UI Design
Brand Design

A Mobile Ordering Solution

In an increasingly fast-paced world, the demand for convenient and efficient ordering options has become paramount, particularly in the realm of coffee shops. While the popularity of mobile ordering apps has surged, many users encounter common pain points that detract from their overall experience. Long wait times, confusing interfaces, and limited customization options often frustrate customers, leading to dissatisfaction and decreased engagement. For coffee aficionados on-the-go, these obstacles can significantly disrupt their daily routines and hinder their ability to enjoy their favorite brews seamlessly.

Recognizing these challenges, our mission was to redefine the mobile ordering experience for coffee enthusiasts. With a focus on simplicity, speed, and personalization, we aimed to develop a mobile app tailored specifically for Spruce Coffee. We wanted to empower users to effortlessly place pick-up orders ahead of their arrival, eliminating the need to wait in long queues or compromise on their busy schedules.

Spruce Coffee

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mobile design

User-centric mobile ordering

The main idea for the Spruce mobile app was to make a common, everyday task more streamlined and efficient for users by building off competitor designs and implementing new ideas based off user needs and pain points. Recognizing that mobile ordering apps are not necessarily novel, I leveraged the successes and failures of existing platforms to refine my goals for the Spruce app. Drawing inspiration from industry leaders and identifying areas for improvement, Spruce aims to elevate the mobile ordering experience to new heights. With a focus on intuitive design, seamless navigation, and personalized features and rewards tracking, Spruce offers users a convenient and tailored solution for ordering their favorite items with ease.

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brand design

The Spruce design concept drew inspiration from serene mountain forest. The color palette featured various shades of green and blue, evoking the natural landscape and accenting a predominantly white app layout. Font selection was simple, with Work Sans providing clean lines and three font weights establishing hierarchy throughout sections. The logo design followed suit, opting for a clean font treatment, while a secondary logo incorporated modern spruce tree imagery layered in the company's colors to reinforce the brand identity.