Trusted by leading D2C marketers across eCommerce, retail, grocery, CPG and more, Breinify makes strategic personalization easy across any channel, content, and customer. Breinify believes personalization should be fast, scalable, and driven by AI that is as quick and smart as your business.

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Strategic Personalization: Redesigning a Digital Identity

In an era dominated by digital interactions, the quest for personalization has become a cornerstone of successful marketing strategies. Breinify, a company specializing in strategic personalization, recognized the opportunity to refine their brand image to resonate with modern audiences. The challenge was multifaceted: to revamp their website to reflect their innovative approach, introduce a brand identity that exuded elegance and modernity, and unify their online and offline presence through cohesive design elements.

By redesigning Breinify's website, we had the chance to not only showcase their cutting-edge solutions but also to create a seamless user experience and brand image that captivated visitors from the moment they landed on the site. Additionally, the opportunity to develop a brand color palette, imagery, and textures allowed us to craft a visual identity that not only aligned with Breinify's values but also distinguished them in a crowded market landscape.

The project extended beyond the digital realm, encompassing the creation of print and digital marketing assets. This provided an opportunity to reinforce Breinify's brand messaging across various touchpoints, ensuring consistency and coherence in their communication efforts. As the project unfolded, it became clear that every design decision was an opportunity to elevate Breinify's brand and position them as leaders in the realm of strategic personalization.


Redefining Breinify

Aside from a logo and typeface, I was tasked with helping Breinify revamp their entire brand aesthetic, from color palette to UI/UX design. Focusing on the landing page as the cornerstone for this project, I focused on a sense of lightness, elegance, and professionalism, departing from the typical "tech" vibe prevalent among competitors. Custom visuals became the hallmark of Breinify's new identity, reinforcing its values and vision. Breinify also wanted to break from traditional box models, opting for softer, leaf-like shapes and fluid gradients to evoke a sense of organic dynamism. This approach extended beyond a full website build -from marketing assets like brochures, trade show stands, and videos, to motion graphics, animations, portal error pages, and custom icons.

mobile design

Made with mobile in mind

The prevalence of mobile browsing has surged, with an increasing number of users accessing websites on their phones before desktops. Recognizing this trend,  Breinify's website responsiveness was paramount, ensuring a seamless experience across all devices. This not only caters to the evolving viewing habits of users but also enhances accessibility and engagement. Moreover, the website serves as a powerful tool at events and trade shows, offering a dynamic showcase of the Breinify product and its functionalities. With its mobile-friendly design, the website becomes a valuable asset for on-the-go demonstrations, enabling quick and immersive presentations to potential clients, thereby solidifying Breinify's position as a cutting-edge leader in AI personalization.

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brand design

Breinify's design direction focused on elegance and sophistication that looked anything but "techy". I designed a light and airy theme with subtle gold flake textures and accents of space cadet blue, light pink, and lavender, adding visual interest without overwhelming the design. Font selection remained consistent with Nunito Sans, offering readability and clarity across various sections of the website. The logo design underwent refinement to align with the new color palette, maintaining its essence while enhancing visual appeal. UI layout considerations focused on seamless section division and rounded corners, ensuring a polished and cohesive user experience.